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Handy Tech

Handy Tech Lawn & Landscape focuses on making neighborhoods in the Meadow Vista/Auburn area more beautiful and fire safe. Handy Tech is owned and operated by long-time resident Scott Lerner, a licensed landscaping contractor (CSL #984274)Scott and his crew will do everything they can to exceed your expectations.

Did you know that every landscape maintenance crew using pesticides to control weeds in lawns or landscapes must be licensed by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR)? In addition to his contractor's license, Scott holds a DPR Maintenance Gardener Pest Control license.

What makes the service we provide unique is flexibility.

Some of our customers like to do their own yard work, and call on Handy Tech to do the hard jobs. Other customers like the turn-key service Handy Tech provides.

  • One of my regular customers called late at night saying they had no water. I came over and found the problem (frozen/broken pipe) and got the water running the following day (since I needed some fittings I didn't have on hand...)
  • Another customer called after a winter snowstorm. They needed to get to the hospital, but their steep driveway was snowed in. I came over and put chains on the car, and followed down the driveway on the way to the hospital.
  • We recently received this message from a customer:
  • "Scott, The appraiser came in with the right value to the home – thanks to your yard work which helped show the home in the positive manner. We heard last Friday, and were overjoyed. Thanks again."

So as you can see, Handy Tech believes in taking care of our customers with personalized service. Every season has its own special requirements, and

Handy Tech has been serving the Meadow Vista/Auburn area since 2006 with a wide variety of lawn and landscape services to choose from, including

  • Regularly scheduled yard maintenance
  • Spring clean ups, mowing, trimming, fertilizing
  • Spray sprinkler to drip conversions
  • Irrigation and drip systems
  • Ornamental shrub pruning
  • Irrigation system discovery and mapping

Regular lawn and landscape maintenance provides the required services at the proper times for maximum outcomes. We look forward to including you in the growing list of happy Handy Tech Lawn & Landscape customers.

Handy Tech Lawn & Landscape is now accepting new maintenance accounts

Call today for a free estimate! (530) 878-7695

CSL #984274

CAL DPR #39339

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